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More than 30 years of live concerts – and still with the same joy and enthusiasm as way back then. Many wonderful memories and musical experiences are related to those concerts, which you wish to have conserved forever.

But official live albums were rare, bootlegs expensive, hard to get and often of really adventurous sound quality. And normally it wasn't the very concert, you've been to. 

To catch the live experience, there was only one solution left : DIY – Do It Yourself !

So a nice collection of CDs developed over the years. Every CD has a specially designed cover, the whole thing should also be good looking in the CD-rack.
Apart from these CDs, there's a lot of more material on Tape or MD still in the archive and waits for digital work off.


Very important notice


These recordings were made from the audience, the sound quality can't be compared to professional productions. The CDs and recordings have been produced for own pleasure only, they are not for sale! Any commercial use is strictly forbidden.

In the actual copyright legislation, the possession of those recordings is not liable to prosecution, but even the exchange of amateur concert recordings amongst the fans of real live music ("trading") is no longer allowed, even though there are no financial interests at all. So any requests are useless. A big thank you to the paranoia of music industry, who tries to criminalize people that belong to their best clients. Fans of such live recordings surely have all the regular records of "their" bands and musicians as originals, maybe even multiple as LP, CD, special edition….


For similar reasons, the reproductions of those covers, that include the work of well known artists, have been disguised, although the pictures were normally taken from freely accessible internet sources.


K.S. with Ray Wilson, 2007

K.S. mit Damian Wilson, 2013

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