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Yes    Live in the City of Love

CD 1    79:38
CD 2    79:46

Place :  Paris, Le Zenith

Date :   June 22, 2004

Going For The One
Sweet Dreams
I've Seen All Good People
Mind Drive Part 1
South Side of The Sky
Turn of The Century
Footprints (Intro)
Mind Drive Part 2
Yours Is No Disgrace
The Meeting
Long Distance Runaround
Wonderous Stories
Time Is Time
Show Me
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Steve Howe Solo
Rhythm of Love
And You and I
Starship Trooper

The Bielefeld Singing Desaster

CD 1   82:45
CD 2   58:18

Place :  Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen

Date :   December 9, 2011

Yours Is No Disgrace
Tempus Fugit
I've Seen All Good People
Life On A Film Set
Fly From Here 

Wonderous Stories
Into The Storm
Machine Messiah
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Starship Trooper


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